The new Emma-Nellie Challenge expansion will be released on the 26th November 2018 for Xbox One™, Playstation 4™, and PC Steam™. The expansion adds a new championship where players face off against two-time AquaBike world champion Emma-Nellie Örtendahl.

With the announcement we’re also revealing the official expansion trailer.
Check it out to see Emma-Nellie in action, both in real life and in-game.

Can you overtake Emma-Nellie and claim the first place?

Matti Larsson – VD, Zordix AB
“We love motorsport and we have for a long time followed and studied many different racingsports, among them watercraft racing. One of the top racers in the sport is the very talented Emma-Nellie Örtendahl. We are very happy and fortunate to be able to work with her.”

One of the most content filled watercraft racing games ever made is about to get even better! Utopia features many unique watercrafts to ride and race tracks to conquer. Split screen and online multiplayer races as well as 4 unique party games will entertain you for hours on end.

Emma-Nellie Örtendahl
“This is so cool and I am proud to be part of this project, both to highlight the sport and to give players a fun and intense experience! It’s awesome that Zordix reached out to me and arranged this, it proves that they are a driven developer that highlights the people in the sport.”

Now is a great time to buy Aqua Moto Racing Utopia if you have not already!