Swedish game publisher and developer Zordix doubles its production capacity and expands its portfolio of own IPs by acquiring the renowned game developer Invictus Games. 

Zordix has today entered into an agreement whereby Zordix acquires 100 percent of the shares in the Hungarian game developer Invictus Games. Through the acquisition, the Zordix group becomes multinational and has reached the mark of over 50 employees. 

Invictus Games was founded in 2000 by Tamas Kozak and Akos Divianszky. The company has worked on over 50 different published titles over the past 20 years and currently consists of a team of 25 people. Invictus has collaborated with well-known partners such as Codemasters, Activision and Bandai Namco. The company is best known for titles such as the Give It Up! series which has over 71 million downloads, Froggy Jump with over 14 million downloads, and the off-road racer Insane. In addition, Invictus has developed Level / R, the Dustoff series and Daytona Rush. The Mobile Game Give It Up! has been number one in China for over two years on the paid apps sales list on Apple’s App Store. Invictus currently has four new versions of Give It Up! under development that are planned to be launched in 2020 and 2021.

In addition to expertise in mobile gaming, Invictus has a very solid experience of developing racing games for consoles and PC. The company has developed or been involved in the development of successful and well-known racing titles such as Insane, Street Legal Racing Redline, Cross Racing Championship, Level / R, Project Torque, Ridge Racer Slipstream, Race Of Champions, Highway Getaway, Daytona Rush and NASCAR Rush to name a few.

A selection of IPs included in the acquisition:

  • Give It Up!
  • Level-R / Project Torque
  • Froggy Jump
  • Dustoff Heli Rescue
  • 4×4 Jam / Truck Jam

At present, Invictus has about 10 titles, updates and sequels under development. A number of which are planned to be launched during the first half of 2020. 

Comment from Zordix CEO Matti Larsson:

“We are proud and excited to welcome Invictus to the growing Zordix family. The company is an important addition in our acquisitions-driven growth that doubles our production capacity, adds 50 released games to our joint portfolio and several new titles are on their way out. I am very impressed by Invictus management for running a profitable game company for 20 years. This is achieved by continuously developing and delivering a high number of new own titles under its own brands and with great success, especially in the exciting growing market China. ” 

Comments from Invictus Games CEO Tamas Kozak:

“We are very pleased to be part of the growing Zordix family. We contribute with an experienced development team and will continue to do new business where we together build Invictus and the whole group to the next level. It is with great enthusiasm that we look forward to expanding the team and in addition to mobile games take on the development of more new titles for the leading major consoles and PC. “

Through the acquisition, Invictus two founders Tamas Kozak and Akos Divianszky become shareholders in Zordix. Both have over 25 years of experience in the gaming industry and will continue to lead the studio on the local level. 

About Invictus Games Ltd
Invictus develops games for PC, mobile and VR platforms. The studio is located in Hungary, Europe. Among the more than 50 games released during Invictus’ 20 years history, Invictus has worked on the following key titles: 1nsane, Street Legal Racing Redline, Race Of Champions, Ridge Racer Slipstream, PAC-MAN Friends, and Daytona Rush. Invictus’ own successful IPs include Give It Up! Series, Froggy Jump, Dustoff Heli Rescue series, 4×4 Jam / Truck Jam and Level-R / Project Torque. Since its establishment in 1992, Invictus has worked together with numerous global partners such as Codemasters, Activision, Disney, Gamepot, Gamigo, Nival, Bandai Namco, Vivid Games, Force Field VR and 704 Games.

About Zordix AB (publ)
Zordix is a Swedish game developer & publisher, based in Umeå in northern Sweden. Zordix core development team work under the brand Zordix Racing, and develops high-end racing games for PC and consoles. Zordix recently started Zordix Publishing, a new branch which focuses on working together with indie-studios, helping them bring their games to the global gaming market. Zordix Racing is currently working on an unannounced title. Zordix Publishing just released the precision-platformer Hayfever, and newly acquired Dimfrost Studio is working on the title Bramble: The Mountain King for PC and consoles.