Maximum Entertainment Launches Owned IP – Smalland: Survive the Wilds

Umeå, Sweden (Mar. 29, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) today launches the highly anticipated multiplayer survival game Smalland: Survive the Wilds in Early Access and Epic Games Store on PC. Developed and published as an owned IP, by Merge Games, a part of Maximum Entertainment, Smalland: Survive the Wilds, challenges players in

Zordix AB (publ): Employee investigated for insider trading

Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) (the “Company”) has received information today that an employee of the Company is being investigated for insider trading. The Company will fully cooperate with the Swedish Economic Crime Authority in the investigation. No other employee of the Company and no member of the Board of Directors is suspected of

Maximum Entertainment Completes the Acquisition of FUN Labs

Umeå, Sweden (Mar.14, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) Maximum Entertainment has as of today completed the acquisition of the assets of FUN Labs, a Romanian game developer studio. The acquisition is part of the strategy to increase internal studio capability and generate more revenue from its own intellectual property. The acquisition will

Zordix AB (publ) Interim report Q4 2022

Umeå, Sweden (Feb. 22, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) Net revenue for the quarter amounted to MSEK 412.6 and the full year to MSEK 1,138.3, a substantial increase from the corresponding periods in 2021 driven by the acquisitions that took place in 2021. On a proforma basis, full year revenue came in

Zordix Launches Maximum Entertainment and Presents Roadmap For 2023 and Beyond

Umeå, Sweden (Feb. 7, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) today launches Maximum Entertainment as a strategically realigned global entertainment company with differentiated inhouse publishers and a newly restructured development division, Modus Studios. With the news, Maximum Entertainment revealed its current lineup of games that demonstrates the company’s new strategy to increase its

Zordix appoints Thierry Bonnefoi as interim CFO

Umeå, Sweden (Feb. 6, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) today appoints Thierry Bonnefoi as interim CFO and member of the Executive Management Team. Zordix’s current CFO and Deputy CEO, Peter Daboczi will leave his positions but will remain with the company for a transitional period. Zordix current Chief of Staff, Ludvig Lindberg,

Maximum Games secures $30 million USD senior credit facility

Walnut Creek, CA and Umeå, Sweden (February 5, 2023) – Zordix AB (publ) (Nasdaq: ZORDIX B) today announces that the company’s U.S. based subsidiary Maximum Games through MG1 Acquisition Corporation has secured a $30 million USD senior credit facility. The U.S. based facility has a maturity of 36 months, is non-amortizing and carries customary covenants