Our new videos are out!

Our new videos are out!

25 November, 2017News

Have a look at our two new videos for Aqua and Snow moto Racing. They are fabulus! Buy them at your store, in the Nintendo Switch eShop or in online stores!

Aqua and Snow Moto Racing are out in Europe

24 November, 2017News

Today you can buy your own hardcopy (or digital download) of Aqua and/or Snow Moto Racing for the Switch in Europe. Look in your local store, online or in your Nintendo Switch eShop to get it!

BigBen and Zordix teams up for a Switch Release!

BigBen and Zordix teams up for a Switch Release!

10 August, 2017News

We have joint forces with publisher Bigben to develop Aqua Moto Racing Utopia and Snow Moto Racing Freedom for the Nintendo Switch. This will enable us to sell our games both online and in physical stores to make it possible for everyone to buy them! Bigben is joining forces with Zordix to port Snow Moto … Read More

First Patch for Snow Moto Racing Freedom

29 April, 2017News

In this patch we have introduced a mechanic that will transform Snocross racing into a deeper experience. If you drive outside the prepared track you will get slowed down by the increased resistance from the looser snow. This will force you to make some crucial decisions on what turns you might try a short-cut on … Read More

Snow Moto Racing Freedom Releases Today!

Snow Moto Racing Freedom Releases Today!

11 April, 2017News

Today Snow Moto Racing Freedom will today release on Steam and the Playstation Store. You will in the beginning be able to buy it for 19.99USD in North America and Europe. The snowmobile game, which is the first real snowmobile game in many years on any platform, is the work of Zordix AB. A company … Read More

Snow Moto Racing Freedom gets a release date!

23 March, 2017News

The wizards of Zordix proclaims the following. In this year, on the 11th day of the 4th month we will release our latest spell, the spell of Snow Moto Racing Freedom and it will bring happiness and joy to all those that sees fit to procure it. We have spun the weaves of mathematics, bent … Read More

Snow Moto Racing Freedom gets a preview!

28 February, 2017News

Wizards of Zordix presents a new look at our latest game Snow Moto Racing Freedom. It shows both racing and stunting in the different winter landscapes the game has to offer. Snow Moto Racing is so far announced for the PS4 and PC platforms, other platforms might come at a later point in time. Snow … Read More

Meet us at GDC2017

26 February, 2017News

Matti is roaming around the halls of GDC /wandering the streets of SF to show off our latest pride Snow Moto Racing Freedom. He is taking meetings but have some time over for you to. If you want to meet up and see the game, just contact us at press@zordix.com

An interview with Matti

13 February, 2017News

“The year was 1996 and Nintendo had just brought out Wave Race 64.I loved that game, I would play it a lot and it was one of the first videogames I actually saw my dad play with his actual real-life watercraft friends. Sadly though, even though it had a continuation on the GameCube, no watercraft … Read More

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia 66% off on PS4 NA store!

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia 66% off on PS4 NA store!

12 January, 2017News

We the Wizards of Zordix, have during this winter resarched, weaved and concocted a new potion for you all to drink during this dark, cold and chaotic winter (it has a slight taste of cocoa). To combat all your winter blues we are setting Aqua Moto Racing Utopia to a very low price between the … Read More