Dimfrost Studio

Passionate game studio based in Sweden with focus on storytelling and atmospheric environments.

Dimfrost Studio was founded in 2017 by four passionate developers that released their first game, A Writer and His Daughter, the same year. Since then the studio has grown into a small welded team with an office in the center of Norrköping, Sweden. The main focus of the studio is to develop beautiful looking games with storytelling and atmospheric environments.

The studio is currently developing an adventure game called “Bramble – The Mountain King”, where players get to explore a world full of gnomes, trolls and other mystical creatures inspired by Nordic Folklore.


Invictus Games

From full scale game production including game design to programming, art and QA.

From full scale game production including game design to programming, art and QA, using both Unreal Engine and Unity.
Invictus Games Ltd. is designing and developing games for PC, Xbox One / Xbox X, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and mobile platforms.

Invictus is located in Hungary, Europe and is the oldest and still active game development studio of the region with a team of 40 people and with an average of 10+ years experience in the gaming industry.

Zordix Racing

Zordix Racing

We develop intense games in Umeå, Sweden, with passionate developers.

Zordix Racing is a game developer located in Umeå, Sweden. ZR’s experienced team started developing their signature high-octane offroad racing games over a decade ago, and have since fine-tuned their skills and creativity, continuing steadily on the path towards their vision to become a world leader in their field.

ZR started off developing small indie games, and has since grown to produce AA titles for both boxed and digital distribution to all major consoles and PC, currently with an undisclosed title in the pipeline and more exciting things to come.